During these trying economic times, most people are looking for any way to save a penny or two and to make ends meet. Although it can be said, time is money, it is also true that a little effort and time spent working on your marketing can really enhance and stretch your budget even further. I am definitely not suggesting you attempt to create all the marketing from the ground up, but that you pick and choose a few real estate advertising ideas to supplement with some of your higher quality pieces. When it comes to listing fliers to showcase a home, go for high resolution, custom branding and consistency. It is important to know that there are various other affordable ways which one can help market their real estate business using social media tools, word-of-mouth, and even marketing templates. Check out these easy to follow and implement, do-it-yourself marketing ideas for your real estate business.

How to Market Your Own Real Estate Business

Print Marketing

Print marketing is an old trick of the trade, which as not gone out of style. When done correctly, it is hard to compete with a person who is capitalizing on print marketing in an efficient manner. Below are some easy steps to ensure you, and your organization, are doing all you can to compete in the print marketing race and make sure your real estate business is being promoted properly and effectively.

1. Update your business cards with your social profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter.

2. Sponsor a local event or fundraiser – this will go a long way in showing you care about the community in which you live and work and will build great customer relations.

3. Create swag and giveaways such as: T-shirts, pens, and water bottles and give them away to clients, friends, and neighbors.

4. Focus on word of mouth wherever you go (grocery store, hair salon, etc.) and always remember to carry around business cards so you can give them away or post them on community boards at restaurants and stores.

5. Mail hand written client appreciation and thank you cards. Cards are a lost art form, so taking the time to sit down and hand write one will go a long way with those who receive them.



Marketing is vital when trying to get your name and business in the public eye. By following some of the following tips, you can be certain people will be reading, and remembering, your name and talking about your real estate business.

1. Create a drip email campaign, focusing on your niche and offer helpful tips and other user friendly advice.

2. Send a weekly or monthly email newsletter out to your colleges, staff, friends, family and any one else in the real estate business.

3. Try working with other area local businesses to help build more contacts and a local community coalition.

4. Send out mass invitations to your social profiles or exclusive Facebook Group

5. Capitalize on the use of both surveys and polls and share the results with all of your clients.

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