There is stuff competition in the world of real estate and every agent is looking for that competitive edge. In today’s market, each agent it trying to set themselves apart from the crowd and become more noticed. Below are some amazing tips on how to not only set yourself apart from the other real estate agents, but how to make your business become more noticed and profitable!

Easy and Practical Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Adverting

● The main rule to advertising is to be consistent. You cannot launch a big advertising campaign and let it trickle off a few weeks into it. You have to make sure you are constantly getting your name in front of potential clients and them keep it in front of them. A one time campaign is not good enough when you are trying to establish yourself, make sure to keep your name and face in front of as many people as possible, for as long as possible.

● Social Media. If you have not already jumped on board the social media bandwagon, you are missing valuable resources, which are actually 100% FREE! And if you have boarded the train and have a Facebook and Twitter, are you sure you are using these tools properly? Make sure what you are posting on Facebook and all of your “Tweets” are relevant to your business. Sure, your kid is cute and said something funny in the store, but every time you do not post about your business, you are losing another opportunity to promote yourself and your real estate agents. Try creating a business page and us this as a way to highlight your real estate prowess by sharing facts like changing neighborhood home values, or what impacts of new real estate regulations are having on your local community.

● Classified ads are a little bit more “old school,” but are still a great tool when you first accept a listing. And, one of the great perks of using a classified ad, is they cost very little. By simply calling the newspaper the day after you have taken a listing, you are going to be getting your ad in front of hundreds, even thousands, of people who are potential buyers. Try running your classified ad in your local newspaper for three to five days and soon your phones will be ringing off the hooks, as many buyers devour the newspapers looking for real estate deals.

● Another quick word of advice and another helpful one of real estate advertising ideas is, try not and give way too much information about your listing in your advertisement, as this opens the door for buyers to immediately be uninterested in your real estate. Try and make the potential buyers call you! your ad. Make them call you! When you have a potential buyer on the phone things become more personal and you can get a better feel for them and what they are looking for. Even if the house they called about is not what they are looking for, you may have another property which is perfectly suited for them!

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