You don’t have to be rich to earn impressive returns when advertising real estate for sale. There are real estate advertising ideas to suit every budget. Some of the best and most effective real estate ads are inexpensive and there is even free real estate advertising available on websites such as Craigslist! Low cost tie-ins such as regional or seasonal themes can make the advertising even more appealing and relevant. Advertising in real estate is most effective when you combine content, frequency and targeted placement rather than worrying over big budgets. Various ways of stretching your advertising dollars can be achieved by using flyers, specialty imprinted items and other marketing collateral.

Knowing the target market for your property is one of the most essential real estate advertising tips. Age and lifestyle of neighborhood residents can provide insights and prompt real estate advertising ideas aimed at prospective Buyers who fit the demographic you want to reach. Targeted advertising is generally more cost effective than broadly based advertising, because it is limited to a smaller but more specific market. Ads for the property are seen by those you want and not wasted on those you do not want. A combination of targeted internet and print advertising may yield optimal results.

Real Estate Advertising in Magazines

Targeted advertising in the right media can be effective

Some of the most effective advertising for real estate may be inspired by the property itself. For example, if the property appeals to families or is in a family-oriented neighborhood, giving away free balloons at open houses or posting property flyers at community school events can be cost-effective, inexpensive strategies. Properties near college campuses will want to advertise at collegiate events and associated publications. For retirement properties, advertising in retirement lifestyle publications or websites can hit the target market. Print media which sells ad space on a local or regional basis as opposed to nationwide coverage can make this type of advertising an affordable, cost-effective option.

Whatever type of advertising strategy or method you choose, you must comply with real estate advertising laws. Avoid exaggeration and discriminatory remarks of any kind. There are a number of federal, state and  local fair housing laws you must follow, many of which arose from the 1968 federal Fair Housing Act.  Also refrain from stating certain statistics such as square footage and when doing so, only use established real estate advertising disclaimers such as “all measurements are approximate”. If facts are overstated or misrepresented, intentionally or not, the end result could jeopardize a potential transaction or worse yet, create problems after the sale.

With a little creativity and compliance, your real estate advertising ideas can pay back with interest on your investment, no matter how small the budget. Use the right ads directed at your target market and you may soon be cashing in at the closing table.

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