Just as it would be unwise to construct a deck bench or undertake a family vacation without a plan, Sellers and Agents need to construct a solid real estate marketing plan when selling their property. A thorough real estate marketing plan for listings includes some basic fundamentals, but Sellers also have an important role in making the property marketable. Since many of the aspects of the plan can work in coordination with each other, a duplication of costs or effort can often be avoided by developing a comprehensive plan from the outset that incorporates multiple use of single elements.

Property Sellers who have little or no experience in real estate sales may benefit from reviewing a real estate marketing plan sample. Most real estate agents will be happy to present Sellers with a marketing plan proposal, including a competitive market analysis (CMA) and pricing suggestions for the property, advertising plans for the property including website and signage, as well as placing the property in a local multiple listing service.

Budget Real Estate Marketing Open House Sign

Open House is a low-cost marketing tool

Real estate agent marketing plans may include other ideas such as holding open houses, shooting virtual tour videos for internet real estate marketing, utilizing local print ads, networking with local real estate agents and more.

An important component of a comprehensive real estate marketing plan is the condition of the property. Sellers may need to take an objective look at their property to make improvements that may add to its marketability. Simple preparations include basic cleanup and de-cluttering, touch up of paint and/or changing to neutral paint colors which may appeal to more Buyers, trimming lawns, cleaning out gutters and sweeping the porch.

Planting flowers in colorful, strategically-placed beds can lend additional curb appeal. According to a recent Better Homes & Gardens article , placing fresh flowers in the foyer can create welcoming atmosphere to visitors.

Real Estate Marketing Flowers in Foyer

Fresh flowers in the foyer can add a welcoming touch for Buyers viewing property

After spruce-up, real estate photography should be taken with multiple uses in mind. Images shot in larger format can also be utilized in small formats such as website ‘thumbnails’, mobile smartphone viewing and montages. Larger versions of the same photos can and should be used for flyers, web pages and print advertising. This multiple use of same images has the desired repetitive effect for maximizing ad impressions on prospective Buyers, conveying a uniform image of the property and avoiding re-shoots for most cost-effective use of time and resources.

As in most plans, the greatest information is in the details. By establishing objectives and milestones, constructing an integrated real estate marketing plan strategy of basic fundamentals, preparing the property and repetitive use of single format marketing materials, you’ll have a detailed framework for success.

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