Real estate marketing mainstays like flyers and signage are essential to directing and capturing Buyer’s interest and are still important in today’s mobile text-and-Tweet world. While a dazzling real estate website can intrigue with awesome details and alluring photos, onsite basics including property access and physical presentation are an equally important aspect of real estate marketing when your valuable prospects arrive.

Real Estate Marketing Mailbox

Mailing to customers can be postal or email

Combining old and new real estate marketing strategies is in many ways a natural progression up the ranks; for example, developing and utilizing a prospect mailing list for direct response marketing is an established method of contacting prospects, a task now largely updated with the convenience of modern email. The use of classified ads with specific property website address illustrates how a classic, inexpensive media buy can be used to attract prospects to a less costly, more elaborate sales-oriented website ad, complete with color real estate photography, artwork and more. Even more traffic can be driven to the property website by utilizing free real estate marketing online ads such as Craigslist.

Traditional real estate marketing must-haves like ‘For Sale’ signs and offsite directional signs earn a few notches up the social hierarchy with updates like smartphone navigation apps, GPS coordinates and audio ‘taking signs’.

Real Estate Open House Door

Property for sale should be ready for showing

Sellers and Agents should remain aware that a ‘For Sale’ sign IS an invitation to come onto the property and should prepare the property accordingly.Sellers should keep the property clean, de-cluttered and ready for showing with little or no advance notice.

While personal networking and ‘talking up’ the property for sale is a traditional technique, engaging and relating in a social network base breathes new life and possibilities into the mix. Social networking by use of Twitter, Facebook and other social sites can be nurtured into a platform for further marketing of real estate properties. Just be sure to keep the message informative or it may be regarded as spam, in which case it could backfire or simply be ignored.

The best marketing strategies in real estate may well be the established tried-and-true ‘alpha dogs’ of the past, now modernized for lower cost, greater market reach and ease of use. Try these ideas, and you may soon find yourself dominating the competition.

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