Rismark International ("Rismark") is a funds management and advisory business that has expertise in the execution of sophisticated real estate research and investment strategies. Rismark's investment portfolios offer attractive risk-adjusted returns and outperformed unlisted property indices, bank bill, the S&P/ASX Property 300 Index and Australian and International Share Indices during the global financial crisis.

Rismark's main commercial focuses are: (1) helping households deleverage their balance-sheets by using less debt and more equity while opening up the residential property asset-class for institutional investors; (2) assisting individual and institutional investors to hedge the risk of house price shocks through the development of financial products that enable them to swap this risk with other parties that are willing to assume it; and (3) materially improving the quality of information and analytics available on the world's biggest yet one of the least understood asset-classes - residential housing - via a range of sophisticated indices, valuation models, and forecasting products.

As a by-product of its quantitative research activities, Rismark has developed the technology and intellectual property underlying the market-leading RP Data-Rismark hedonic property price indices and related automated property valuation models (AVMs), amongst other things. In March 2012 the Australian Stock Exchange ("ASX"), in conjunction with RP Data and Rismark, launched the RP Data-Rismark daily hedonic indices as the benchmark indices for the future creation of a residential property derivatives market.

In March 2007 Rismark launched via Adelaide Bank the first "shared equity mortgage" to ever be made available by a private lender in Australia's history. The product was know as an Equity Finance Mortgage® ("EFM") and received wide industry acclaim.

In 2009, Rismark was awarded the Australian Business Award for Innovation. In February 2008 and 2009 the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) presented Rismark with the “Non-Bank Lender or Mortgage Manager of the Year” award at the MFAA’s annual Excellence Awards. In December 2007 Australian Banking & Finance Magazine selected Rismark as Australia's "Best Financial Start-Up in 2007".

Rismark's innovative residential real estate investment vehicles are an important development in the asset management world and provide institutions with high growth, low volatility and well-diversified exposures to the residential real estate asset-class. Rismark International Funds Management Limited ("RIFM") is the Manager of all of Rismark's investment funds.

Rismark's commercial aim is to be the most disciplined and successful investor in what is the world's largest, albeit institutionally untapped, asset class: residential real estate. In Australia alone, this represents an A$3.5 trillion investment category, which historically has not been accessible on a well-diversified, cost-effective, or scalable basis.

The name "Rismark" is a trade mark of Rismark International. It derives from the conjunction of the words "risk" and "markets".

Rismark's products are protected by a large portfolio of Australian and overseas patents. For more information, please refer to Intellectual Property.